No Spectators Ruling During TennisMalaysia Tournaments – COVID19

Since Malaysia is still in the RMCO COVID-19 status, TennisMalaysia have decided to organise tournaments without spectators to ensure we are inline with the government’s action to control COVID-19 from spreading.

The followings are the TennisMalaysia guidelines being imposed during any tournaments organised by TennisMalaysia:

1.) To have no spectators during tournaments organised by TennisMalaysia. Only registered players are allowed to be at the NTC compound

2.) Players are advised to be at the NTC timely before their matches

3,) Matches ended players are to record their scores immediately on the Bounx Apps and will be confirmed by the Tournament Referee.

4.) Matches ended players are also advised to leave immediately and to come back to the NTC compound based on the Order of Play stated thru Bounx Apps.