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Due to bad weather, the Tournament Committee has made a very tough decision to cancel all Doubles events in order to ensure all Singles events can be completed by this Sunday.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you again in the TennisMalaysia Junior Tour 2022, Leg 1 scheduled in January.

Thank you for supporting TennisMalaysia.
Acceptance List
16&Under Boy's Singles Qualifying
14&Under Boy's Singles Qualifying
12&Under Boy's Singles Qualifying
10&Under Boy's Singles Qualifying
16&Under Boy's Singles
16&Under Boy's Doubles
16&Under Girl's Singles
16&Under Girl's Doubles
14&Under Boy's Singles
14&Under Boy's Doubles
14&Under Girl's Singles
14&Under Girl's Doubles
12&Under Boy's Singles
12&Under Boy's Doubles
12&Under Girl's Singles
12&Under Girl's Doubles
10&Under Boy's Singles
10&Under Boy's Doubles
10&Under Girl's Singles
10&Under Girl's Doubles